Thursday, 18 October 2007


Hello all, just sending a message to test my ability to blog!

What do you think about the course so far?

I thought our conversation on the roles of education today and what we feel about the level of students aspirations was very interesting. Also the idea of hierarchy within Universities across the country and whether, in a particular field, an education from a certain institute warrants greater achievement in the eyes of their peers.

I was thinking about relating our conversion to the whole threshold learning thing. Do we need to recognize and award different universities methods with totally different threshold learning difficulties?

Would this relate to the point Rakesh rose on the level of student DeMonfort has and the notion that our achievement is greater due to the difficulties of producing high achieving students.


Rakesh said...

The course thus far is very jargonistic and some of the terms I feel are a little too abstract for simple me. I am struggling to maintainn interest and read the vast amout of information, I would have liked a bit more 'teaching' and a little less of the group activities, I am not convinced that the points really ring home...

I take your point on the hierarchy but I am not sure if the individual's peers are more important or whether the needs of the employer are more important. In my experience it does not seem to be such a big factor in terms of career progression and job potential. Employers seem to be looking for a more 'rounded' employee that is not just purely accademic, it seems that this criteria is also filtering into the selection of such institutions for example you have to wonder when a studnet with 4 grade A's in A level can be rejected from the Oxfords of this world. This to me suggests that our old understanding of hierarchy is being questioned, another example is with Private industries/companies they will put funding into HEI which serve their interests and there again its not just the Oxfords and Cambridges, I think the flexible and maluable approach from the new universities is increasingly appealing to such institutions and this is not just from a research point of view.

On the threshold concept point that you make, are these not fairly fixed and basically they are there or they are not? Perhaps different universities hit these thresholds more than others or get more students to reach these than some others?

I would say that the DMU student who is perhaps not the 'cream' of the crop will have in front of them more Thresholds to hit than a student who goes to Oxford etc. They will have already hit many of these thresholds and is aimimg for more but in my mind the threseholds are further apart (harder to achieve) and hence the relative achievement between the 2 studnets will be different.

Valentine said...

Good point Rakesh. I did not see your comment before my post - perhaps it is better if we post our comments as new post with a title like 'comment on ....